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draft battle coms net
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yo, here is a draft for the comms net for when we swap to battle coms. shows who each person shoud gave a link to in voice chat to at each given time

let me know what you think in the comments


the idea is to prevent people from having to try to listen to too many people that they are over loaded with information


Seems crazy complex for how I imagine the game ending up.

It may help illustrate the use if you describe a scenario.


good point.......i

1) captain wishes to fire at an enemy ship. weapons command says that these three options would be the best, captain then picks one and the weapons command passes it down the chain

2) a fighter squad is comming in to land. their squad lead contacts the ships hannger control for clearance (to prevent crashes) hanger command then assigns each ship a slot (induvidual ships can also ask for clearance) and informs the helmsmand to stop turning the ship for X amount of time

3) damage control teams dont know what sections of the ship are hit. the XO and the damage control command will send the were they are needed without the captian having to intervene, leaving said captain free to command the ship placement


1) wouldn't a simpler system of just 2 channels, Fleet and Ship, with discrete voice comms work here?

2) same as above, but depends on how many carriers in operation at one time in the fleet. I see up to even 3 carriers being no problem (callsigns should be used per carrier in that case)

3) same as above, I'd prefer 1 channel for all ship comms, that way the whole crew knows what is going on and where, reduces repeat communications and increases clarity.

Keep It Simple Stupid



the issue i see there is those points are

A) have you ever tryed having more than 13 ppl on one chat chan in a combat situation? even full on millsim groups draw the line there. if we have everyone on the same chat chan on any of the bigger ships then we asking for trouble. ive had up to 48 ppl on one chat in my last org, it was a f**king mess during battle and thatwas with full on coms disiplin

B) this is ment for one single ship, size dependant, fleet coms would be structured similarly though

C) its desinded to remove any thing that you dont need to know at that instance. a guy loading a missile dosnt need to know that fighter are coming in to land. removal of destractions and de-centralisation of command

D) something shouold only be bumped upo the chain if the guys lower down cant handle it

E) i get the theory around letting everyone on one chat know whats going on, but for reasons stated above, it dosnt work in practice


Hmph, how many players will we actually have in a ship at one time though?

We'll most likely have NPCs doing menial tasks on the larger ships (missile loading etc, if that's not automated)

I'd imagine that during combat, a Javelin will most often carry only Captain, Pilot, Turret operators and Engineer, with all other players in support fighters.


that is a good question......and the awnser is i dont know.

it will depend on ship, player count, job andwhat people feal like doing......but with anything from single set fighters to the 500ish man bengail carrier......we can asume at some point there will be more than 40.

this chart was created under my assumption that all sections will be human filled. if they are not they just ajust the chart accordingly, but even with NPC crew we will need some method of cutting down on coms trafic.

even WOW raids compartmentilise their groups if they are big enough


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