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KAIZEN: The ACRUX there can be only one.
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The Crux Cup has become embroiled in yet another scandal per Robert Michelson’s [of the Black-hills racing team based on Terra] Critique of the latest changes for the 2947 Crux Cup. “We haven’t been afforded time by the Crux Cup Racing Commission had time to familiarise our 350R pilots with the track at New Sulva raceway and now they are limiting the ACRUX title to their new Championship race, which has a timed prerequisite. This unfairly favours Racing syndicates from Sol.”

The press release from the CCRC which caused Michelson’s complaints stated in part. “…The recent years of allowing crowning the champion of each category ACRUX are gone. We are returning to the original concept of Crowning the overall racing Champion as Acrux. All racers may attempt to qualify for the ACRUX Championship race and if they fail to qualify will be eligible to enter the Open category. We wish to establish to CRUX CUP as the premier racing event and attract the best of the best, after all the Acrux is the brightest star not merely a bright star. This new move will make the ACRUX truly an Accolade worth achieving as there is only Acrux, the Acrux will hold the title for one year on the racing calendar. Of cause the Champion may defend their title in the following year, but winning has never been guaranteed, the only winner of a back to back Acrux title in the history of the race is Narida’Haloth...”


After the break, we’ll be joined by Mr Robert Michelson of the Terra based Black-hills racing team, and CCRC representative Ms Josherin Seto. As they discuss the latest changes to the Crux Cup.



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