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The Crux Cup: The 12th and 13th Acrux
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The 12th annual Crux Cup was embroiled in yet another controversy when Tevarin pilot and new UEE citizen, Narida’Haloth tried to enter the Crux Cup. Many protested that allowing aliens, especially a Tevarin to enter the race dishonoured those who had fought to make the UEE great. However, Earth’s Governing council which was still underwriting the costs of the event insisted and pushed for legislation to be passed that enabled any individual living within the Empire, not merely citizens of the UEE to participant in the Crux Cup as this they claimed honoured the ideals of mateship and camaraderie which were among the ideals the initial Millennium Race honoured. Following the decision several racing syndicates withdrew from the race and firms withdrew their sponsorship of the Crux Cup in protest. After the 2927 Crux Cup, it was further maintained that the 12th recorded ACRUX represented a token gesture to demonstrate the UEE and Earth's tolerance of others, similarly it was also claimed Narida’Haloth’s UEE Citizenship was also a case of tokenism. Previous Acrux, Trevor Donalson and a resident of Terra was among those who had withdrawn from the competition in protest one summed up the ill feeling following the event when he said, "I withdrew in protest that Earth would politicize the Crux Cup to further their agenda. That the Tevarin has won the overall title ACRUX merely shows I was right in my claims that the Crux is rigged". However, this view lost favour when Narida’Haloth won the title ACRUX the following year as well, making her the only back to back winner in the History of the Crux Cup. While Narida’Haloth failed to attain a 3rd ACRUX title in 2929, she managed to qualify for the Murray Cup of that year and was declared champion of the 2929 Murray Cup. Following her victory in the 2929 Murray Cup Narida’Haloth retired from professional racing and returned to Vega.


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