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SCA Weekly Training, Commencing 6th March 2017 7:00pm AEST, 8:00pm AEDT
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SCA Weekly Training

Week Commencing 6th March 2017 7:00pm AEST, 8:00pm AEDT

Monday flight training

  1. Squadron battle. Hopefully we have an odd amount so i can spectate. Ill be giving advice and giving feedback during and after.

Tuesday FPS Training

  1. Breach and clear using two elements run by two captains, will start as one group pushing forward to an objective, will evolve into two groups encircling a room from two or more directions

Wednesday flight Training

  1. Missile evasion training. Not only will we be lobbing missile at each, but I'll help you evade them as well.

  2. Combat evasion tactics. During a dogfight what techniques you can do to be a hard target to shoot

*Updated* Thursday FPS RACING!! Training 

  1. We will be doing follow the leader in old Vanderal, and then migrate to some more competitive racing!


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