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Poll: Multi Option Poll! Do you have Arma 3?/Do you want to do training in Arma 3?
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Already have Arma 3
11 40.74%
I want to join in SCA Combat training in Arma 3
8 29.63%
I will have difficulty getting a copy of Arma 3
1 3.70%
Not interested in training in Arma 3
7 25.93%
Total 27 vote(s) 100%
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Registering Interest in Arma III for use in Future Combat Training
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I like the idea of another game for training, but I'm just not sure I have much time for anything other than ? Star Citizen ? ? Looking forward to the day when there's a poll like this and open discussion around different ways of training.
Also, does the first poll question assume people with Arma want to train in it? Or that they have Arma but don't want to train in it? Sick
thats mostly coz some people might want to train in arma but not have the game at the moment. it also nice to show some people who have arma that there is a group that they can play with if they didnt know that ppl in our org had the game......i didnt know that we had more than just 3 ppl with arma for example
I feel the poll options should've been: - Have ARMA and want to use it for training. - Have ARMA and don't want to use it for training. - No ARMA but am interested in using it for training. - No ARMA and am not interested in using it for training.
blame haze, he wrote them, and u can vote for more than one

With 2000 hours on the game I can garenteee it will be a good idea to incorporate it into the SCA.

Its brutal learning curve will promote good habits and its sandbox system will open up an unlimited amount of different training scenarios.
So instead of playing on the same map conducting the same tactics we've all memorised, it'd encourage us to use intiative and work together on unknown terrain.(Will be handy when 3.0 comes out). It'll also give insight on what roles some people will be interested in playing throughout the games development. 

This goes the same for other games as well.




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