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Poll: Multi Option Poll! Do you have Arma 3?/Do you want to do training in Arma 3?
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Already have Arma 3
11 40.74%
I want to join in SCA Combat training in Arma 3
8 29.63%
I will have difficulty getting a copy of Arma 3
1 3.70%
Not interested in training in Arma 3
7 25.93%
Total 27 vote(s) 100%
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Registering Interest in Arma III for use in Future Combat Training
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This is a Multi Select Poll, please do not skip over it, it is directly above and you can select multiple options! Registering Interest in Arma III for use in Future Combat Training Due to limited content currently available I figure it might be a good idea for us to do some training in a different game where we can get some group combat experience in. At the moment I'm thinking that Arma 3 would be an ideal platform for us to train squad combat in, so I'm taking a poll to see who has the game already or is interested in getting the game which fortunately can be gotten for $15 USD in the current: Arma humble bundle !!  I would be looking at doing training in Arma III with squads for one of our FPS combat training exercise days. Doing activities that focus on our communication and group teamwork.
I also recommend Blackwake at the moment. Only $18 on steam right now. Things this game would be good for: - Communication: There is a captain who issues orders for ship which has a crew of either 7 or 15. Needs to issue orders to the crew in the command wheel or via voice comms. Commands include loading of cannons, repair the ship, board enemy etc.  - Working as a team: Each crew member can be assigned a role and will need to complete that role for the ship to be successful. Yes, you can run around and do all the things, but the ship will likely get sunk.  - Coordination: The best ships can work together to take out targets in the 2v2 mode.  Little biased towards this game right now as it is so much freaking fun. Edit: My original response was based on the option of having another game option in the poll.
I don't feel like Star Citizen has run out of steam yet. If I get a moment I'll send some feedback to you.
(01-03-2017, 10:34 AM)GentlemanJ Wrote:
... as it is so much freaking fun.

This here is the real stand-out. Fun > all. Purchased. Smile

I second Blakewake.

It promotes teamwork without feeling like you're being bossed around as you're having fun while doing it. Also supporting an Aussie dev who's pretty awesome.

Shameless plug to their store page - We will be playing it this Friday for FNG Big Grin Test Edit

I am sure blackwake is great, but what morrogin and I have discussed is aiming more for is squad based open land movements. This is not to start getting people to play Arma 3, it's to use Arma 3 for training that would be used later in star citizen. Current closed in star marine tunnel maps are just not ideal right now with regards to certain elmenents of squad training.
(01-03-2017, 10:59 AM)Haze Wrote:
I am sure blackwake is great, but what morrogin and I have discussed is aiming more for is squad based open land movements.

This might be more speculation than anything right now, since landing on planets isn't possible, but I don't envision very much open land based movements in the near future. There might be, but when that happens, we might be more in the Dragonflys or Rovers. It's probably going to be more derelict ships and CQB. I could be wrong .... Anyway, right now, I'm leaning more towards Blackwake mainly for the fun factor.
Yeah, my original response was based on the original poll (is there another game you want to play). I like ARMA, I think it's a good game. But it does have a reasonably steep learning curve. And I don't find it "fun" in the same way I find Star Marine (and Blackwake for that matter). If training does occur in ARMA, I will likely jump in.
Arma has custom maps & mod support and there's an in-game editor as well as Zeus (the real-time version of a less powerful editor), that allows you to customise your training options, you can literally build a killhouse or a maze for CQC or set up objectives on the fly in Zeus to make adaptable missions for players (like a DM).
exactly, we could literaly build a makeshift javlin floor plan and practice doing CQB in that while we wait for the REAL jav to come out......if someone was willing to put the time and effort into it. alternatively we could just build a kill house, and do CQB runs, putting NPC enemies in it so as to make it live fire and differant every time rather than just the dry runs we have been practicing. edit the thing every week to keep it fresh. i understand that arma has a steep lurning curve, but i think that the pros out way the cons in this instance. and as always, training is not manditory if we do deside to use this or anyother game. nt to mention the fact that is is a nother game we can play while we wait.....

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