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Spectrum, The Forums, SCA-Bot and You.
Hello, everyone! A quick update on SCA's services as quite a bit has changed recently. SCA Forums
Users can now only register if they have a valid registration token.The register button will stay, however as it will explain this, and direct people to Spectrum.The registration link looks something like this: https://www.southerncrossalliance.club/f...ertokenFor new users to get their registration token, they will be automatically generated and sent to a new member who joins a spectrum chat channel.This will be handled by SCA-Bot when it detects a new user in the channel, it will private message the user the link with an explanation. Registration tokens have no timed expiration for now.
Pre-existing users
Users who have already signed up: You will still receive this link on joining Spectrum, however instead of registering a new account it will just link your existing account to Spectrum. Please do this as it will be crucial for you to receive the correct ranking on the forums & RSI. Your account on the forum may be limited after a grace period if you don't. Please note that this system will be replacing the current RSI Connecting service that is in the Forum SCA Dashboard.
Shortened Forum Links
We now have a shortened link for quickly sharing links to our services. They're listed as below. http://sca.fyi - Main SCA Site http://forums.sca.fyi - SCA Forums http://spectrum.sca.fyi - RSI Spectrum http://discord.sca.fyi/ - Discord http://org.sca.fyi - RSI Org Page http://reddit.sca.fyi - SCA Subreddit http://cat.sca.fyi - Cat.
SCA-Bot has now been completely refactored and upgraded. This means no more less spaghetti code.  Bot Changes
The big change that you should be aware of is the bot now requires your Discord to be connected to an SCA Forum account to use its commands. Note: There will be a grace period for a week or so for this. This is intended to encourage users to connect their account as RSI identification on Discord is going to be useful in the future. This also ties into the upgraded role "In Star Citizen" which will now show your RSI Handle as your name in Discord while in the game. The bot is also now live on Spectrum; It shares the same commands as the bot on Discord. However, some specific commands may not be enabled on Spectrums side due to the limitations of the platform.
Spectrum <-> Discord Channel Cross Posting
Both #General and #Star-Citizen channels will now be linked via SCA-Bot posting messages made by users in the other platforms corresponding channel. The message from SCA-Bot will be formatted like this: For messages sent to Discord SPEC - Username: Users Message and messages sent to Spectrum DISC - Username: Users Message This is mostly to allow Spectrum to maintain an impression of an active user base without the need for users to sit in both Spectrum and Discord and to show any new user that joins spectrum that we are indeed an alive and active organisation. This is a bit of an experimental feature, both in terms of whether or not it will be useful for users and the technical side of Spectrum being under heavy development with a good chance of breaking this feature in the future.
Create custom Bot commands!
A big portion of the bot refactor was to allow better config and customisation options. The bot has now been refactored so each chat command e.g

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