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"Major Sponsor for Crux Cup" Empire Report 2946
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"Major Sponsor for Crux Cup" Empire Report 2946​ -static- ALAN NUEVO: Cargoolympics and Racing do they have a place during war? This is the Empire Report, and I’m Alan Nuevo. BECK RUSSUM: And I’m Beck Russum, the first of our two-part expose today focuses on the Terra Senators complaint of a misappropriation of funds in order to Host another extravagant racing event on within the Sol System when humanity is locked in a bitter war with a deadly foe. ALAN NUEVO: That's right Beck, but we have to ask as his political opponents asked, why didn't he make the same protests when the Cargoolympics were rescheduled. It really does appear that this protest is focused more upon endeavouring to raise up the importance of Terra at the expense of Earth. Today we seek to answer the question other have asked, why now? BECK RUSSUM: Alan, an announcement by the Chair of the Sol Racing committee stated that despite the delays the Crux Cup would be running seems to have caused a stir. ALAN NUEVO: Stir indeed Beck, for Big Benny has also announced that it will also sponsor the event and will be the official noodle for the Crux Cup this year. That announcement means many millions of UEC and jobs will pour into Earth rather head to Terra. That's a lot of investment the Terran Senator was said to have been seeking to acquire for their Terra initiative. BECK RUSSUM: So the noodle thickens? We're going to take a scheduled break and we'll be back with our special guest panel as we discuss the role value or waste caused by running events like Crux Cup while Humanity is at war.... -fade out as Big Benny music and commercial begins-

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