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Empire Report recording from 2946
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Recording of Empire report captured in 2946 [font]....[/font][font]pit.[/font][font]This Crux remember to GRAB EAT some BIG BENNY's in the limited Crux Cup Themed Containers....[/font][font][/font][font]ALAN NUEVO: And welcome back to the Empire Report I am Alan Nuevo and that was latest in a string of Advertisements that have flooded the comm channels in the lead up this [font]year’s[/font][font] Crux Cup. [/font][/font][font]BECK RUSSUM: That's right Alan, it seems The Crux Cup has been saved! Concerns were raised by the recent declaration of war against the Vanduul that many sporting event would cease as valuable resources were redirected to the war front. Private investors had invested in the Crux Cup in order to ensure the event continued but it was the surprise announcement that Big Benny had signed a major agreement with the Racing commission that has ensured the Crux cup will go on.[/font][font]ALAN NUEVO: That’s right Beck, with the private sponsors and now a major Trans System Corporation backing the regatta the Crux Cup may finally achieve what Earth's Council was unable to do and that is turn the Crux into one of the Premier racing events in the verse.[/font][font]BECK RUSSUM: I have to admit, I do love the Aurora Classic, I don’t know any other major regatta that has a category reserved only for such an iconic ship. It really is a category everyone can enter. And RSI representative confirmed that a ready supply of Aurora models is available. I may have to take some leave and bring my old Aurora out of the hangar for the event[/font][font]ALAN NUEVO: Beck, that is of course, unless Terra's Senator [font]Kelos[/font][font] Alervar has his way. He would like nothing better than to ensure the only time Earth features on any Comm is when it shows that Terra is the center of the Empire. Should Terra be the new Capital? This story and more next on the Empire Repo....[/font][/font][font][/font]

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