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Finding a Messer when there isn't
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A Crux Cup special "Finding a Messer where there isn't" Who was Captain George?   Captain Wilson Alexander George or WAG, was the winner of the 2915 Murray Cup, A Terran National whose rise to fame and notoriety and fame was relatively brief. WAG had been a member of the Minute Men the premier interceptor squadron of then Terra Militia; he resigned his Commission in 2915 to follow a career in racing. [/font][font]His first appearance on the inter-planetary scene was the Millennium Races held at the New Suvla Track on Earth during the Millennium Races. WAG’s unparalleled piloting skill enabled him to consistently navigate the New Suvla course and take the title as champion for that race. If his racing skill was not enough to bring fame, he was forever linked to the growing tension between Earth and Terra when rather than praising Earth as the cradle of the UEE he promptly claimed "Terra was the brightest light in the UEE" and true Centre of Empire. Given his piloting skill, it was no surprise that Captain George easily qualified for the Murray Cup in the same year. As in his previous races, WAG’s piloting skills enabled him to easily win all stages of the Murray Cup championship. It looked as though he would dominate the racing scene for many years to come. This, however, was not the case; his career was unfortunately cut short. He drowned during his Post Cup celebrations, being found in a hot tub that had been filled with Champagne. Conspiracy theorists on Terra, to this day, claim Earth’s IGC had Captain George “removed” for his comments against earth. While such beliefs still exist among conspiracy theorists, the truth is that Earth was not involved in the death of WAG. Given his dominance of the Race Track and the number of professional racers, he had easily defeated it is more likely that, if he was the victim of foul play, that it criminal elements within the racing community arranged for his demise.

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