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The Crux Cup: The First Champion
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The CRUX CUP  The First Champion While the champions of the 2915 and 2916 Millennium race were not awarded the title Acrux, the title was awarded to the champions retroactively once the Millennium race name was changed to the Crux Cup. The title pays homage to the victory speech of 2915 Champion, who proclaimed, “Terra like the champion of the Millennium Race represents the brightest star of the empire.” Despite the political bias and some say hubris, the line resonated with Evatt as he sought the name change. With the Acrux being the brightest star of the Southern Cross, after which he proposed the race be named, it seemed natural to also co-opt the words of the first champion. So captain George was the first pilot to be award the title of Acrux two years before the title existed. He was officially awarded the title posthumously in the 2917.

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