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A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE CRUX CUP  Part 3: The Birth of the Crux Cup While a success, the race also failed to become the premier racing event within the empire. Still, the races at the New Suvla Raceway continued and remained popular, being used by pilots to count towards entry into the Murray Cup. Also, race organisers petitioned for and were granted a name change in 2917, after all every year cannot be the Millennium of sacrifice. Hershall Verne Evatt, argued that the renamed event must still honour the ANZACS and hold true to the values of the original Millennium cup. As a result of Evatt's efforts it was agreed the race should be remained The Crux Cup, and that the champion be crowned as the ACRUX, or the brightest star (an actual acknowledgement of Capt. W.A George and his victory speech). While the name change was purely pragmatic, conspiracy theorists have argued the name change was actually in order to remove any memory of the event, the first champion, Capt. George and his victory speech praising Terra over Earth. Having failed to establish the Crux Cup as the premier racing event within the empire, senators for the Sol System have shown less resolve for the governance of the Crux Cup than they have for the Archangel project and recently congress withdrew official sponsorship of the races at the following a motion from Terra senator in 2944.  This withdrawal of support has created opportunities for new sponsors organisations to host the event.

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