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A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE CRUX CUP  Part 2: The Millennium Race The Millennium Race was first held in the Sol System on the 25th April, the date chosen, as it coincided with an aeons old remembrance day, ANZAC Day, the date was proposed by Earth's Oceanic governor, Hershall Verne Evatt. Evatt's proposal was accepted by congress since as Evatt claimed within the proposal to congress, "This day has always honoured those who had paid the ultimate sacrifice but it has also signified a celebration of duty, honour, mateship and a commitment to the Empire." Ideals which were not lost on the politicians seeking to celebrate the empire. A new race track which was constructed and named New Suvla. But for the senators of Terra the expense of building a massive raceway to honour empire and glorify the Sol System and earth seemed to harken back to the wasteful Messer years and excesses. As such they complained that The Millennium Race was a waste of Imperial funds and merely sought to detract the Citizens of the empire from the problems the empire faced. Despite protests in Congress bewailing the expense of the Millennial celebrations, the first Millennium race was a success, all eyes of the empire were focussed on Earth, visits to the Sol system increased tenfold and Billions followed the races via their mobiglas. Earth and the Sol System were the focus of everyone's attention. However, the Sol System delegates started to see their work unravel when the Champion, a Terran pilot, Captain Wilson Alexander George, promptly praised Terra as the true shining light of the empire during his victory speech. Captain W.A. George (call sign WAG) also went on to win the Murray Cup in 2915. He died during post Murray Cup celebrations, having drowned in a hot tub filled with Champagne. Conspiracy theorists still maintain W.A.G was assassinated because of the perceived insult he had offered earth there is no truth to these allegations, and no evidence has ever been produced that indicates foul play. Members of the congress and many on Earth were as shocked at the death as those from Terra, and despite Conspiracy theorist claims that Earth was responsible or involved, the truth is that Earth had nothing to gain from such an act. it is more likely that W.A.G had made numerous enemies as he dominated the all racing circuit s in 2915. It is more likely that any foul play involved in the death of W.A.G would be linked criminal elements within racing community.

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