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A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE CRUX CUP Part 1: The Cradle against the first among equals Relations began to sour between Earth and Terra at the dawn of the 29th century. The International Governors Congress (IGC) on Earth were believed arrogant and self-righteous, their mantra, “We are the cradle of humanity!” was a claim to an inalienable right for preferential treatment and a view echoed by senators from the Sol system. Such a view was irksome to many, not least among citizens within the Terra System. Terran’s started to see themselves as "The first among equals". The Terra System is after all the nexus of multiple Jump points and trade routes and were the first system to oppose the Messers’ corrupt governance of the empire and initiated peace talks with the Xi'an. Truly, Terra is the centre of the UEE. The apparent failure of the Archangel project, which was inaugurated in 2872 with the lofty goals of building a planet was intended to produce quick results but delays and claims of corruption at all levels of the project only fuelled the perception of Earth's irrelevance. These claims have played directly into the Sol Terra Rivalry because of the fact that fact Sol Systems senators led by the Earth's senators on the UEE Congress were, and continues to be amongst the most vocal supporters of the project. While the senators from the Terra System have always opposed to the wasted expenses and hubris of the Archangel project. In this climate as Senators from the Sol system have sought to maintain their premier position within the empire, those from Terra were questioning the relevance of Earth at all. As the millennium of Earth’s first global war neared, the senators for the Sol System proposed and gained support in congress to hold events throughout Empire that year to commemorate the sacrifices of those men, and all who had sacrificed in the past, for these sacrifices are what has made humanity (and for the representatives of the Sol system Earth great) these events would focus attention within the Empire back upon Earth," the cradle of empire". One of the planned events was the “The Millennium Race”.

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