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Official SCA Fleet Registration Thread
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WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL SCA FLEET REGISRTATION THREAD This the place to brag about you fleet register your fleet for the rest of SCA if you're into that kinda thing.  Here is an example on how to do it (don't feel limited on how you do it).
GentlemanJez's Fleet
  • Anvil F7C-M Super Hornet - Main ship - no name
  • Banu Merchantman - Transport and Cargo - "The Bebop"
  • Constellation Phoenix - Flagship - no name (yet)
  • RSI Aurora - The Backup
I'll mostly be looking at doing transport/cargo runs (not always legitimate) so most of time will be spent planning my ships around those sort of movements. 
Show us your fleet guys!

I will obtain an Idris-P in November because since I will be leading our military fleet for SCA this will allow me to do that quite effectively. 


DaseinWasHere's Fleet

Carrack- TheJeanLuke

Banu MM- Walmart

Banu Defender- Rosebud

Argo- Argo


[dir=ltr]Role Focus - Search and rescue with Hospital Support and Crucible Repair - Combat role as smaller EWAR/recon/covert ops  [/dir]
  • [dir=ltr]Endeavor - (Hope model stand alone) medical and landing bays[/dir]
  • [dir=ltr]Crucible - repair cap ship - have upgrade from Aquila[/dir]
  • [dir=ltr]Starfarer Gemini (stand alone)[/dir]
  • ​Pirate Caterpillar - for LTI upgrade and or melt as needed
  • [dir=ltr]Aquila - upgrade to Crucible before release[/dir]
  • Cutlass Red for endeavor landing bay and SAR 
  • Redeemer w/ upgrade to Vanguard Sentinel
  • ​Sabre (game package) 
  • [dir=ltr]Herald [/dir]
  • [dir=ltr]Ghost Hornet [/dir]
  • [dir=ltr]Super Hornet[/dir]
  • 2x Dragonfly Black for use in 3.0 or tokens as needed (likely keep at this point)

cutlass black and Buccaneer.....mostly intend on doing carog runs for $$ and acting as a marine commander in combat

Origin 315p (might CCU to 325a) - main ship - The Privateer MISC Reliant Kore (wtih CCU to Reliant Sen) - Search and Explore - Konnuour RSI Aurora LN - The Sled CO Mustang Beta (with CCU to Hull B) - Little Bull *names and final ship selection subject to change.
These are my babies: Listed and nammed.
I'll just say Lots. too many to type or fill in a another table... besides ship lists go out of date so often lol

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