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intelligence and ewar
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Intelligence and ewar squadran. idea for logo magpies. They are a song bird seems fitting.
And they collect shiny things Wink
I suppose they could also be cockatoos, since to be a lookout in Aussie slang is to be a cockatoo

No to Cockatoos they are too noisy and destructive to be lookouts and can you imagine a flock of 30 or so being quiet and attentive whilst on guard, the Magpie tho is another story always alert, only in small groups, they investigate everything that moves and they sing whilst they work.


Crows/Ravens would of been more my type of thing. They are quiet when they move, observant and intelligent. They can work together when they need to but are also pretty good on their own.

There is also the aspect that when they are in the black (night sky) they are near invisible.

Magpies are moody and can be severly aggressive.


Just my two cents worth Smile


Al, are you able to define "intelligence" and "ewar" in the context of SCA please?


(19-04-2017, 02:49 PM)Fractal Wrote:

Al, are you able to define "intelligence" and "ewar" in the context of SCA please?

Well I believe that would be the hackers, info runners, science vessels etc. I suppose when i was thinking of it I was thinking more or those specialised in gathering information.


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