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The old man says "lets cook"
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Hi All, ​I'm known as Algared, or just Al although Admiral Al was awarded after winning the Javelin raffle in 2014 which enabled me to purchase one of those behemoths. I thought it was a ship that would give the Org something to work at resporing and getting battle ready. ​I like the idea of joining Operation Pitchfork, especially after a conversation with Erin during Pax Aus in 2014. Interesting he did posit the question whats pushing the Vanduul? ​I am also one of the old men of the org. ​I played both the Wingcommander games and Elite in my early 20's and when I first found out about Star Citizen all I needed to to know was that the project leader was Chris Roberts the creator of Wingcommander. I'm a teacher and my students a few years back decided to start calling me "breaking bad" because they said I looked like the guy... which is why the RSI and Discord  pic was selected. I agreed they were right. I still have no real Idea what I want to do in the verse... ideally everything, I want to enjoy all the eye candy. The idea of a five year mission in a starship with a crew seem really cool, but then so does mining, S&R, farming, repair, Hauling freight, healing.... ​Without a clear idea what I wanted to do and because the ship states kept changing... my ship list generally looks like every ship that has been released. There are at present 5 holes. One is the F7A upgrade of a Hornet- it was before my time the other missing ships are the latest 4 variants with different loadouts and skin. ​Aside from Star Citizen, I have a love of History and wargaming enjoy great coffee and food and have my days filled with teaching both History and Indonesian. ​I know everything, my friends say so all the time they say, "Fletch, you're full of it?" lol ​Enjoying getting to know you all, in game and at meetups etc.
At some point, I hope you get the chance to say "Stay out of my territory" to some one/group.
well i suppose i could say get off my ship...

Iknow everything as well AL, my friends and everybody else keep telling me I'm a know all.



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