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Haze: Coffee connoisseur extraordinaire since 2012
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Hello I am Haze, one of the officers of SCA, responsible for Training. I have a coffee obsession that easily steals severals hours out of every day, I enjoy roasting and brewing gourmet coffee. Aklys made me do a online psychology test and it came back and said I am a ENTREPRENEUR (ESTP-A), cant argue with that, it's pretty accurate as I enjoy nothing more than playing the economy in big MMO games, I enjoy turning a profit more than I care about spending it. I am the founder of the Southern Cross Merchant Navy which will be promoting and encouraging large organized trade groups in star citizen. My favorite colour is red! My favorite animal is a tie between the labrador and a North American River Otter! My favorite drink is? Coffee HELL YEAH! I am a walking talking dictionary with regards to all things ship market star citizen related going from Cross Chassis upgrades, melting, unmelts, price increases, selling and buying as well as the grey market. If you ever have a need to ask, I will always find time spare to sit down and share advice, just give me a pm on the forums OR Discord OR find me in a voip channel!
mmm coffee...as I long time night duty advocate I approve of this post!

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