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"Weakness is a disease, and I am the Cure!!"Veigar{Snake}
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Greetings, My Name is UNSC_PillarofAutumn, aka "Snake"  for most. I am currently the flight instructor for SCA in Star Citizen. I have a large amount of knowledge for aerial combat as well as skill which I enjoy teaching and helping others to perform just as well. I have been providing general help for the ORG and want it to grow and become a large and formidable force as well as trade power. A bit about me... In real life I am in the USAF and I'm a pilot. I earned my private plots license when I was 17.  When the game is live my role in SCA will be to lead our entire military/defensive fleet to provide protection for SCA. My knowledge with military tactics and strategy will help keep our forces very powerful and I will make sure by the time Star Citizen releases everyone will have superior knowledge in fleet and air combat tactics.
The man of many names. If you haven't been to training yet with Snake, do yourself a favor and get on it. It will improve your skills dramatically.

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