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GentlemanJ: Serving Pavlova since 2012
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Hey there all. I'm GentlemanJ or GentlemanJez or generally just Jez to most.  A bit about me: Back in November 2012 me and not_that_dark_knight started up what would become the Southern Cross Alliance (we actually had a few names to chose from but that's the one that stuck!). Since then, we've built up to what we have today. 600+ strong Alliance with a bunch of super passionate backers. It's kinda crazy to think that this is what it has become when compared to back then when we had like 5 of us shit posting in our little subreddit.  Games I enjoy: Star Citizen obviously. But while we're between patches I play a bunch of different games. A lot of Overwatch. Too much Pokemon (please let there be a Switch version of Pokemon), Mass Effect series, Deus Ex and bunch of Nintendo classics (Zelda/Mario/Metroid). I've recently been experimenting with Gamecube emulation. HD Paper Mario is amazing. Favorite game of all time is Journey. If you haven't played it, go do it. I will even lend you a PlayStation to do so.  Other things about me: I've got a great interest in the Martial Arts. Been practicing some form of it for the past 8 years and love watching a bit of MMA. Also love all forms of music. Always up for a suggestion. Love a decent drink too, Kraken is always appreciated. Currently trying to improve my cooking. My last attempt at a Pavlova was more of a Frisbie.  Anyway, if you ever want a chat, shoot me a message on Discord. Always up for it when I'm free.  Cheers!

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