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SCA Events Launched.
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Event Details
Date: 2018-01-16
Start Time: 19:00:00
End Time: 19:30:00


Events have released. Just make a new thread in this forum and you will have additional inputs for event info & times.

Forum posts tied into events should hopefully be a useful tool to explain what the event is for & whats expected.
Also, members can give feedback etc.

New events will be cross-posted into the events discord channel. More locations will come online with time. (org page/spectrum/homepage, etc...)

Event Notifications

A better notifications system for events will be coming in the future. For now, I would recommend subscribing to the forum post, you'll get notifications from new posts & if Discord is connected you'll receive them there.
(I would recommend that the event host post a reminder shortly before the event for the time being)



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