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Forum Update - 1/01/2018
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SCA Forums Update

Hey! I've made several changes to the forums recently. Most notably is a new theme.


Actually Dark Theme

The forum is now completely dark. No more random white bits. (If you find any, let me know!)
This includes the post & reply editor! The editor will also now hopefully represent what the posted result will look like now too. I'll make tweaks to this as time goes on to hopefully get it even closer.
(Note, at the time of writing there are some areas of the new groups feature that need to be fixed. I'll update them soon)

If you have any issues with the new theme, you can go back to the old themes with the drop down at the very bottom right of the forum. I'll leave the old themes in for a while until this theme has been tested enough.

The quotes subsection is now also fully dark as well.


Profile Hotlinking

You can now hotlink directly to your forum profile with your RSI/Spectrum handle, instead of it just being your Forum ID Number.

e.g. my profile https://www.southerncrossalliance.club/f...uid=BrettW


SCA Sub Groups

You can now make your very own subgroup! Just head over to https://www.southerncrossalliance.club/forums/groups/ or click the handy button in the new themes menu bar!

Groups get a neat little profile page & their own private Discord chat channel. In the future, I plan to have a sub-forum too.


Discord Chat Live Feed!

The forum index page now has a live chat feed direct from our Discord. Get your discord fix without even being online!


Discord Account Linking

The button to link Discord to your account has now been moved. If your account isn't linked, there will be a button on top of the live feed that says 'connect', just click that and you'll start the connection process! Piece of cake!


Forum Image Uploading Via Discord

Inserting images & gifs into a forum post is now easier than ever before. Just upload an image anywhere on the SCA Discord or directly to @SCA-Bot

Once uploaded, the bot will detect it & notify you on the forum.
A menu with your image upload history will show.
The menu will open automatically on upload, or you can push SHIFT + Q to open it manually. There is also a "show" button at the very top of the forum.

You can view the full res image by clicking 'view', or if you have a post edit dialogue open on the page you can click 'insert' and it will insert the image directly in the post editor. 

Note: The image will insert at your editor's cursor location.
Image size: By default it will be 800px wide. You can edit the width by using the editor's image properties.

A demo: 


Hopefully, these updates are useful! Put any comments or suggestions below!

Thanks, and have a happy new year everyone.


Wow mate looking sweet! Thanks for all the tasty features.


Custom User Profiles! Full editable with the editor of course.
You can edit it in your User CP -> Profile
User Profile


Ship Card Embedding.

Full list of ships below. Remove the space before the last bracket for them to work.

Example: https://www.southerncrossalliance.club/forums/members/1

Ship card has not loaded.


[ship=Aurora ES qty=1 ]
[ship=Aurora LX qty=1 ]
[ship=Aurora MR qty=1 ]
[ship=Aurora CL qty=1 ]
[ship=Aurora LN qty=1 ]
[ship=300i qty=1 ]
[ship=315p qty=1 ]
[ship=325a qty=1 ]
[ship=350r qty=1 ]
[ship=F7C Hornet qty=1 ]
[ship=F7C Hornet Wildfire qty=1 ]
[ship=F7C-S Hornet Ghost qty=1 ]
[ship=F7C-R Hornet Tracker qty=1 ]
[ship=F7C-M Super Hornet qty=1 ]
[ship=F7A Hornet qty=1 ]
[ship=Constellation Aquila qty=1 ]
[ship=Constellation Andromeda qty=1 ]
[ship=Constellation Taurus qty=1 ]
[ship=Constellation Phoenix qty=1 ]
[ship=Freelancer qty=1 ]
[ship=Freelancer DUR qty=1 ]
[ship=Freelancer MAX qty=1 ]
[ship=Freelancer MIS qty=1 ]
[ship=Cutlass Black qty=1 ]
[ship=Cutlass Red qty=1 ]
[ship=Cutlass Blue qty=1 ]
[ship=Avenger Stalker qty=1 ]
[ship=Avenger Titan Renegade qty=1 ]
[ship=Avenger Warlock qty=1 ]
[ship=Avenger Titan qty=1 ]
[ship=Gladiator qty=1 ]
[ship=M50 qty=1 ]
[ship=Starfarer qty=1 ]
[ship=Starfarer Gemini qty=1 ]
[ship=Caterpillar qty=1 ]
[ship=Caterpillar Pirate Edition qty=1 ]
[ship=Retaliator Bomber qty=1 ]
[ship=Retaliator Base qty=1 ]
[ship=Scythe qty=1 ]
[ship=Idris-M qty=1 ]
[ship=Idris-P qty=1 ]
[ship=P52 Merlin qty=1 ]
[ship=Mustang Alpha qty=1 ]
[ship=Mustang Beta qty=1 ]
[ship=Mustang Gamma qty=1 ]
[ship=Mustang Delta qty=1 ]
[ship=Mustang Omega qty=1 ]
[ship=Redeemer qty=1 ]
[ship=Gladius qty=1 ]
[ship=Gladius Valiant qty=1 ]
[ship=Khartu-Al qty=1 ]
[ship=Merchantman qty=1 ]
[ship=890 Jump qty=1 ]
[ship=Carrack qty=1 ]
[ship=Herald qty=1 ]
[ship=Hull C qty=1 ]
[ship=Hull A qty=1 ]
[ship=Hull B qty=1 ]
[ship=Hull D qty=1 ]
[ship=Hull E qty=1 ]
[ship=Orion qty=1 ]
[ship=Reclaimer qty=1 ]
[ship=Javelin qty=1 ]
[ship=Vanguard Warden qty=1 ]
[ship=Vanguard Harbinger qty=1 ]
[ship=Vanguard Sentinel qty=1 ]
[ship=Vanguard Hoplite qty=1 ]
[ship=Reliant Kore qty=1 ]
[ship=Reliant Mako qty=1 ]
[ship=Reliant Sen qty=1 ]
[ship=Reliant Tana qty=1 ]
[ship=Genesis Starliner qty=1 ]
[ship=Glaive qty=1 ]
[ship=Endeavor qty=1 ]
[ship=Sabre qty=1 ]
[ship=Sabre Comet qty=1 ]
[ship=Sabre Raven qty=1 ]
[ship=Crucible qty=1 ]
[ship=P72 Archimedes qty=1 ]
[ship=Blade qty=1 ]
[ship=Prospector qty=1 ]
[ship=Buccaneer qty=1 ]
[ship=Dragonfly Yellowjacket qty=1 ]
[ship=Dragonfly Black qty=1 ]
[ship=MPUV Personnel qty=1 ]
[ship=MPUV Cargo qty=1 ]
[ship=Terrapin qty=1 ]
[ship=Polaris qty=1 ]
[ship=Prowler qty=1 ]
[ship=85X qty=1 ]
[ship=Razor qty=1 ]
[ship=Hurricane qty=1 ]
[ship=Defender qty=1 ]
[ship=Eclipse qty=1 ]
[ship=Nox qty=1 ]
[ship=Nox Kue qty=1 ]
[ship=Cyclone qty=1 ]
[ship=Cyclone-TR qty=1 ]
[ship=Cyclone-RC qty=1 ]
[ship=Cyclone-RN qty=1 ]
[ship=Cyclone-AA qty=1 ]
[ship=Ursa Rover qty=1 ]
[ship=600i Touring qty=1 ]
[ship=600i Explorer qty=1 ]
[ship=X1 Base qty=1 ]
[ship=X1 Velocity qty=1 ]
[ship=X1 Force qty=1 ]
[ship=Pioneer qty=1 ]
[ship=ANVIL Hawk qty=1 ]
[ship=AEGIS Hammerhead qty=1 ]
[ship=Geotack Planetary Beacon qty=1 ]
[ship=Geotack-X Planetary Beacon qty=1 ]
[ship=Tumbril - Nova Tank qty=1 ]


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