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SCA Sub-group Guide
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SCA Sub Groups - Info

Sub groups for SCA are now available at https://www.southerncrossalliance.club/forums/groups/

Also via the "Groups" button at the top left of the forum.


NOTE: You must have a Discord account linked to your forum account for access to Groups.
If you join a group and don't gain access to the Discord channel, please make sure the Discord account linked is your main account. Accidentally linking a burner one from the web is very common.


Group Types

Public - Public group which any member can see & leave/join freely.
Request - A public group which any member can see, but must request to join & be approved by the group leader.
Private - A private group which is hidden from the group listings. Must request to join. (Must be given the direct link/Group ID to find the group page.)


Sub Group Info / Rules

- Groups begin in a "Pending" state. Once they hit 10 members they will be assessed for approval.

- Once approved, a Discord channel will be opened up & only members given access. Note: SCA Mods/Admins will have access regardless of membership status. (Sub forums coming soon:tm: too)

- No individual group should attempt to claim ownership of an entire trade or task. i.e "Bretts Trading Group" is fine, "SCA Traders" is not. This is in place to encourage others to make groups if they feel like they want their own group in that field.

- A single member may only be owner of two groups at any one time.

These rules are subject to change as the groups system matures.

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