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A Quacking good time
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Hey, I'm theuglyduck(er) one of the Officers here at SCA When Star Citizen finally comes live I am looking forward primarily to the combat parts, particularly PvP. Bombing runs tickle my fancy, hard. I love the rush and impact of it. In the mean time I am spending a lot of time playing Overwatch with some Civ VI as well. I have recently embraced the massive time sink that is EvE and am actually enjoying my point and click adventure game. Big Grin My personal preferences run the gambit from cookies and cream Ice cream, to bourbon and dry ginger ale. I'm Brisbane based and drink a little bit too much, too often. Loving the look of these forums and my suggestion for SCA moving forward would be the integration of a duck emoji. Peace and Love suckers! Duck *quack*
The ducker knows too much and loves you for it. SCA Duck
I think you mean SCA Duck
SCA Duck

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