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SCA Forums Signup, Spectrum & Discord Connection
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Welcome to the SCA Forums!

This is a guide to help you setup an account on the Southern Cross Alliance Forums.

You must be a member of SCA to sign up to these forums.

Forum Account Creation

To create an account, you need a registration token.
The token is given by SCA-Bot when joining the Spectrum SCA General chat.
Click here to join the channel directly. You must be logged in to RSI to see the chat channel & a member of SCA.

Alternatively, manually joining the channel from SCA's Spectrum as shown below.

Once joined, SCA-Bot will message you via DM. Check the left-hand side of Spectrum for the message notification.
Alternatively, you can open the DM directly by clicking here

You should see a message that looks similar to this

Click on the link under the "Forums" section.
Once followed, you will be greeted by the Registration Agreement page. Click "I Agree" and continue the registration.
Note, that you can not edit the Registration Token or RSI handle as these are set from your RSI/Spectrum account.
If you have multiple RSI accounts, please sign up with your main account & not your alt. You may only have one SCA Forum account, regardless of how many alts you have.

Discord Connection

Once you've made your forum account, you may connect your Discord.
This allows many features, such as Discord notifications from SCA-Bot for forum notifications & joining private member & groups chat & voice channels on Discord.

To connect, up the top left of most Forum pages you will see two tabs, one should show "RSI Connected", and the other "Discord Disconnected", to connect hover over the Discord Tab.

Before connecting, please make sure your primary Discord account is logged in, in the browser you are currently using.

To check, load discord in the browser by clicking here and make sure that is your main account.

Click 'connect'
You may need to log in, afterwards click 'Authorize' and it will return you to the SCA Forums.

Once returned, you will be sent to the SCA Dashboard. From here you may unsubscribe from Discord notifcations, or set your Forum avatar as your Discord avatar.

Done! That's it! You will now have full access to all of SCA's member services!

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