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Requesting landing pad Alpha 6
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eyyyy gday fellas, may as well chuck out an intro.

So yea - I'm Blazenetic, most people call me Blaze or Blazed. My old name was Blazed_Always.

Living and working in Sydney.

Keen to cause carnage as a combat pilot - usually in smaller ships as escort or part of a strike force. Snap some pirates or Vanduul.

During downtime I'll be cruisng the 'verse in my Carrack - exploring and picking up chicky babes.

Also will be cracking out some zesty compilation videos of our fun times together.

Here's some of my links:

RSI profile: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/citizens/Blazenetic

Youtube channel (with two tasty SCA compilations): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAgWvo4...I5Q/videos


Yo Blazed. Your videos are among the best SC has ever seen (and I don't think that's too exaggerated). Simple edits and just the right amount of them. Good footage. You really capture the character/spirit of the game and the ops. QUALITY

Everyone wrap your eyeballs around Blazed's YT channel because you don't wanna miss these!


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