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SCA Weekly Training, Commencing 27th February 2017
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Weekly TrainingSnake is away this week so it's all marine training with Morrogin!
Week Commencing 27th February 2017 7:00pm AEST, 8:00pm AEDT
Monday flight training
  • Run the assault course, introducing hand gestures and what they mean. At random points in the exercise i may or may not throw a grenade
  • Squad vs squad battle, defending a point from attack, then swapping

Tuesday FPS Training
  • Dropship training, try and rotate some more pilots than just echo, if possible try for more than 1 drop at a time

Wednesday Flight Training
  • Run the assault course in groups of 4. Timed runs with the rest of the group acting as hostiles, roaming randomly without coms. All weapons allowed, live fire

Thursday FPS Training
  • Mystery training!!! Jump on to find out what we'll be doing.

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