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SCA Friday Night Games; 7pm AEST
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Ok here's the deal. You're all bad at games and I. No we, want you to be better. Be the better you, with us! We want to make you all that you could be and more and to do that, you need to play with me!Tonight, 7pm AEST, Discord server. You, me and a bottle of Vanilla Coke. Romantic.We're gonna start off our evening with some Fistful of Frags. Be warned, I'm a cheap drink, pass the whiskey. Then, we're doing Overwatch brawls, maybe 3v3s or something spicey. I always wanted to be in an SCA three way. Finally, I'll be very suggestible and you should invite me back to your place for some smooth jazz and a little bit of Star Citizen, maybe take me to Benny's Noodles for breakfast?Sounds good pukes, now get in me!
The ducker knows too much and loves you for it. SCA Duck
I uh... uh, I hope to make a good impression on Viking senpai!

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