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Introduction - Hi There! - SL1PSTR3AM - 04-05-2018

Hey everyone, I'm Brett / SLIPSTREAM ... RSI (SL1PSTR3AM85).

Have been a backer since 2015 and a concierge level citizen for the last 12 months or so.

Haven't really found my ideal place yet in a community/org or role ... but my fleet is mostly combat and support orientated ships.

Looking to play with a group who enjoy varied roles including cargo and tactical missions. 

I try to be open and honest and expect the same in return; always up for a general chat or company in the verse.

I'm based in Brisbane working in enterprise IT with 2 kids and happily married (yes, even after becoming concierge a few times over); my wife is also a citizen.

Looking forward to the next Brisbane Bar Citizen, hopefully to meet some of you.

Hope to see you all in the verse.


RE: Introduction - Hi There! - Blazenetic - 03-07-2018

Greetings fellow SCA person!

Oh a wife and kids, perfect wingsausages to help on your SC adventures.

Hope you have fun mate.

Brizzy bar citizen hmm hope I can go up for that one.

Cheers, see ya in the discord.